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Meet the Owners

Heike Wieske – President & CEO

As an owner of Discovery Marine Safaris and Stubbs Island Whale Watching I am hoping to have our guests from all over the world fall in love with the beauty of our prestine evironment and the amazing wildlife. Our team's mission is to provide marine mammal education with the goal to encourage the protection of our precious oceans.
As of our tours: Having had 10 years of experience in the Marine Tourism industry I have a clear picture of what our visitors expect when they sign up for one of our safaris. I want our guests to really feel our dedication from the moment of your inquiries, your reservations, the check-in and then the actual tour. We have our hearts in what we are doing and our goal is to make this safari the highlight of your trip!
Seeing a whale or Grizzly on a photo is nice but being close to them and seeing, listing or even smelling them in their natural habitat…. that’s an experience nobody can ever take away from you!!!!
Can't wait to see you!