Grizzly Bear Expedition
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Grizzly Bear Expedition

Adult: $400.00
** must be at least 12 years of age for this tour **

* Rate includes an $11.00 Homalco First Nation Bear Habitat Fee and a $1.00 fee for the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association Conservation Fund. This fund supports organizations who conduct marine conservation activities in the region.

Has a Grizzly crossed YOUR path yet?

See WILD and MAJESTIC Grizzlies in their natural habitat, far away from human civilization! Our Grizzly Bear Safari starts with a stunning 2 hour (approx.) boat ride to the Orford Valley which is located in Bute Inlet on BC’s rugged mainland coast. Imagine towering mountain peaks and glaciers! Bute Inlet marks the southern reaches of the Great Bear Rainforest!!

Upon arrival, we’re welcomed by our hosts and partners, the Homalco First Nation. These are the historical lands of the Homalco people and the Orford Valley was once the site of a hunting and fishing camp. We’re then shuttled by minibus to a series of viewing areas that are strategically placed throughout the salmon spawning grounds. Watch those wild, beautiful bears chase and catch big salmon to fatten up for hibernation!

These bears are NOT fenced in, this is NOT a National Geographic movie, this is REAL and you’re right there to witness every moment!!

Perhaps the most iconic species of Canada's wilderness we feel a strong sense of responsibilty to connect our guests to the bears and the environment they depend on. We endeavor on each and every trip to provide our guests with not only an unforgettable viewing experience, but also a much deeper understanding of the world in which the bears live! We also take great care to minimize the impact of our we're all visitor's in their home.

Don’t forget this is Canada! Even on a hot summer day it can be very cool on the water! The spacious, enclosed and heated cabins of our state of the art vessels ensure that you are always comfortable! Our boats also feature multiple viewing decks and WASHROOMS!!!

At Discovery Marine Safaris we are committed to sharing our knowledge and passion with everyone that visits this remarkable place that we call home. Our on board Marine Naturalists are some of the finest on the coast, continuously interacting with our guests and interpreting all that this diverse ecosystem has to behold. They also provide a spectacular presentation that is sure to inspire and move you! Our Captains have all spent most of their lives sailing the waters off BC’s coast. You won’t find more experienced, entertaining, or engaging mariners anywhere else.

A local bakery makes fresh gourmet sandwiches and cookies that are delivered to our office moments before departure! Fair trade organic, locally roasted coffee and an assortment of tea are included. We do carry bottled water on board, however we highly recommend bringing your own reusable water bottle that can be filled from our large filtered water jug and help us reduce our environmental impact.

The team were well informed, enthusiastic and respectful of the environment. They were also friendly and engaging. A real treat. I will be recommending Discovery Marine Safaris to friends and to B&B guests.
Connie Brill,
Vancouver Island
October 15, 2015
First class service from both Captain and Guide with just the right amount of information provided without being bombarded by facts. We had an unforgettable experience which I cannot fault in any way. I would not want to change the format as it delivered an experience which surpassed my expectations and if I had the opportunity in the future I would not hesitate to repeat this trip.
Anthony Upjohn,
United Kingdom
September 28, 2015