Ultimate BC Wildlife Safari

A one and a half day wildlife adventure that combines some of the very best wildlife viewing opportunities in British Columbia. You will experience our whale watching and grizzly bear tours and enjoy a saving on both when booking our Ultimate BC Wildlife Safari.

Whales and Grizzly Bears – The Ultimate BC Wildlife Experience

This Ultimate Safari is a BC coastal adventure that takes you through the Discovery Passage, surrounding islands, straits and inlets an environment that is host to an amazing range of British Columbia’s wildlife. As we go in search of whales and bears our goal is to give you a memorable insight into their natural behaviour and environment. You will see first hand why we are committed to protecting their natural habitat. Our onboard naturalists, Captains and the Indigenous bear guides from the Homalco First Nations always eager to share their knowledge and stories while ensuring your safety.

The first half day of your Ultimate BC Wildlife Safari will be spent cruising through the Discovery Passage in search of marine mammals, killer whales and humpback whales.

Your Captain and crew will make sure you are comfortable and safe. You will have the chance to be at one with nature, as you quietly listen and observe. Our crew are readily on hand to answer any questions you may have about the wildlife and location. Their role is to ensure a fun and memorable experience for all.
The next day is a full days adventure
that starts with one of the most scenic two hour boat journeys you can imagine. Travelling through Sutil or Hoskyn Channel up into Calm Channel. The scenic boat ride takes you past Church House a historic Homalco First Nation village.

Then as we head up into Bute Inlet, we pass Stuart Island and travel all the way up the inlet through the traditional territory of the Homalco Peoples into Orford Bay for the start of your land based Grizzly tour.
Humpback Whale Tail Fluke with one of the Discovery Islands in the distance


Rack Rates: Adult: $587.10 Child (10 + yrs): $549.10 (excludes fees & taxes) CONTACT US

Applicable taxes: 5% GST Applicable fees: 14% Fuel Surcharge Fee + Conservation fees of $21.00 per person. A $1.00 fee for the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association Conservation Fund. This fund supports organizations who conduct marine conservation activities in the region. A $20.00 per person Homalco Conservation Fee. This Conservation Fee supports the Orford fish hatchery in rebuilding native wild salmon populations to enhance healthy bear habitat. For every seat sold we donate a $2.00 fee for Wilderness International protecting 2 square metres of rainforest for every guest that joins us on these consecutive days of adventure.

Wet Grizzly in muddy river eating a fish in the Orford Valley_

“Couldn’t have asked for more!”

Whale and Grizzly Bear tours
On the 16th and 18th September 2018 my husband and I went on each of these tours. Both were outstanding with an excellent crew, comfortable boat and knowledgeable guides. On the whale watch tour we witnessed a spectacular Orca hunt of Pacific white sided Dolphins – it could have featured on a National Geographic programme it was so impressive. On the bear watching trip to Bute Inlet the First Nation guides were welcoming and very informative taking us to a number of sites where we witnessed at least 15 grizzly bears some at quite close quarters, but viewing safely from a viewing platform. Couldn’t have asked for more!

Reviewed by Kath M  September 2018 see full review on TripAdvisor

CREWS TIP . . . as grizzly bears have an incredible sense of smell this is a scent free tour. Wear closed shoes like trainers that are comfortable and not too noisy when walking around the grizzly bear viewing stand. Visit our FAQ’s for more info.