BC’s Wildlife

BC’s Wildlife seen along our Coastline

The Discovery Passage, surrounding Islands, straits and inlets are frequented by an amazing array of BC’s Wildlife. Here you can observe whales and other marine wildlife, black bears, grizzly bears, eagles and more in the pristine surrounds of their natural environment. Our unique location on the east coast of North Central Vancouver Island allows us to offer a truly accessible and rewarding wilderness experience.

The nutrient rich, marine environment off coastal BC is home to some . . . species of marine life. The connection and influence of our land and sea has shaped our coastal communities and is embedded in the cultural history and stories passed down through the generations of our Indigenous First Nations People. BC’s wildlife features strongly in First Nations history, stories, dance and art.

Our tours are designed to give you an insight into the wildlife in BC and the individual species fascinating environment. We will introduce you to some of the large and smaller species in the hope that we ignite an understanding and appreciation of the importance of protecting the fragile eco-system that BC’s wildlife and our coastal communities depend on.

Here is some of the Wildlife that can be seen along the East Coast of Vancouver Island and the west coast of Canada. To learn more about each species click on the name or one of the images below to link through to some interesting facts.

On land there are opportunities to see black bears, elk and deer. To view Grizzlies in the wild safely with experienced bear guides, you will need to join one of our Grizzly Bear tours.

If you are hiking our trails or camping we always recommend that you are familiar with best practices to avoid any wildlife conflict while out having fun in their natural environment.

Land based Wildlife that can be seen on our wildlife tours out of Campbell River.

Discovery Marine Safaris - Black Bears
Discovery Marine Safaris - Grizzly Bears

When out on the ocean or when exploring our coastline and beaches be sure to look out for these marine mammals:

Discovery Marine Safaris - Harbour Seals
Discovery Marine Safaris - California Sea Lions
Discovery Marine Safaris - Steller Sea Lions
Discovery Marine Safaris - Harbour Porpoises
Discovery Marine Safaris - Dall's Porpoises
Discovery Marine Safaris - Pacific White Sided Dolphin
Discovery Marine Safaris - Humpback Whales
Discovery Marine Safaris - Orcas's / Killer Whales

Up in the trees, scooting along the surface of the water or patiently waiting for dinner at the waters edge you may find any one, or more of these coastal birds that delight the bird watchers amongst our guests:

Discovery Marine Safaris - American Bald Eagle
Discovery Marine Safaris - Common Murre
Discovery Marine Safaris - Black Oyster Catcher
Discovery Marine Safaris - Pigeon Guillemot

CREWS TIP . . . If you have binoculars don’t forget them (we do have sets to rent) and don’t be shy in asking questions about the wildlife we love to share our knowledge and learn from our guests. Click on the individual boxes for some fun facts or visit our FAQ’s for more info.