YOUR BC Wildlife Adventure is our PASSION!

Founding owner Heike & husband Captain Wayne Garton had over 40 years of combined experience in the marine wildlife viewing industry on Northern Vancouver Island. They are both passionate about our marine environment and driven to protect and build awareness of this fragile eco-system while ensuring that you enjoy an experience of a lifetime. Your BC wildlife adventure is their driving passion!

Founded in 2007 Discovery Marine Safaris was one of the original whale watching companies to operate out of Campbell River. The privately owned and operated eco tour company has an envied global reputation for being “Whale Wise”. This reputation was earned through offering ethical, eco-conscious whale watching and wildlife tours and in having a marine naturalist on every tour. Taking the lead from sister company Stubbs Island Whale Watching the owners have ensured that every tour counts towards education, research and conservation.

Seeking the opportunity to travel themselves the company was purchased from Heike & Wayne Garton on February 2nd 2022 by Tyler Bruce and Stephen Gabrysh and merged into the Campbell River Adventure Tours group which now includes: Wildcoast Adventures, Campbell River Whale Watching, and Discovery Marine Safaris. The Campbell River Adventure Tours group specialize in educational nature tours focused on ethical whale watching and grizzly bear tours, single day and multi day wilderness kayaking tours. All of which are designed to minimize environmental impact while highlighting the local attractions.

We proudly support the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association (NIMMSA), the Marine Education & Research Society (MERS) and our local community.

Sustainable Tourism, Education & Environmental Awareness fuels our passion and your wildlife adventure

We hope to ignite a passion in you that leads to a greater understanding of the marine eco-system through respectful and responsible wildlife viewing experiences. You will find there is plenty of room on board the M.V. Tenacious III to quietly watch in awe, at one with nature as you listen to the magical sounds of the wild and observe the natural behaviour unfolding before you, oblivious of your presence. Our onboard naturalist and your Captain will keep you informed, comfortable and safe, while sharing their knowledge about the bio-diversity of BC’s coastal waters. They will highlight the importance of sustainable tourism and protecting this key habitat for the whales and other marine mammals that depend on it. The scenic beauty of our coastal environment just adds to your overall experience! And will hopefully fuel your own passion for future BC Wildlife adventures.

We forward to welcoming you and your family on one of our fun, educational, ethical, safe & professional tours.

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CREWS TIP . . . we recommend you read the founder story. It will give you a true understanding of how the company came about and our deep ethical roots. Visit our FAQ’s for more info.