Meet Our Boat Crew

YOU are safe in the hands of our Captains and Boat Crew

One of our experienced Captains and onboard marine naturalists will be your hosts and boat crew during your tour. They will keep you safe, comfortable and informed while out on the water. As experienced mariners they are all trained to Transport Canada Standards with extensive knowledge about our marine environment and wildlife, each with their own reason for making sure your adventure is their passion!

Meet Captain Wayne – Co-owner and respected, experienced mariner

Heading up our boat crew is co-owner Capt. Wayne. A familiar and popular face in the industry and on the BC Coast. Before becoming part of the Discovery Marine Safaris family, Captain Wayne, enjoyed over 20 years at the helm of the Lukwa with Stubbs . This was his “retirement” after a full working career on the water with the RCMP.

In between helping with the day to day operations of the company I hope to find time to be back out on the water at the helm of the Tenacious III.

Meet Captain Geoff – he’s grown up on the ocean

Geoff has been part of the Discovery Marine Safaris & Stubbs Island Whale Watching family for many years. He is a familiar face along our coastline having grown up and worked on the ocean from an early age.

I enjoy working in the tourism industry because it offers an opportunity to interact with new people and showcase the incredible experiences Campbell River and Vancouver Island have to offer.

Meet Captain John – He never strays far from the ocean

A Campbell River local all his life, he retired from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), following a 33 year career as a federal fishery officer.

“Working for Discovery Marine Safaris (DMS) provides the opportunity to pay it forward sharing my knowledge and respect for local coastal ecosystems. My personal objective is furthering public education and appreciation of our incredible coast. It is great being part of a truly dedicated team and boat crew here at Discovery Marine Safaris.”

Our Marine Naturalists & Crew – they are the BEST!

One of these enthusiastic individuals will be your host and onboard naturalist. Working closely with our Captains to keep you safe, comfortable and informed, they will look out for wildlife and eagerly share their passion and knowledge about the different marine mammals and bird species. “Our passion for the marine environment is constantly renewed by our guests who are keen to learn and so greatly appreciate the astounding beauty of this place.”

Meet Kaitlin – she is living her dream & love for whales

A Lifelong love of whales and the ocean led me to uproot my life back in Ontario and follow my dreams of working on the water. And, I am living the dream and really enjoy being a member of the boat crew.

This is my fifth season with Discovery Marine Safaris and every day brings new and exciting adventures. One of the best things for me is sharing my love and passion for this incredible place and seeing the reactions on guests faces as they experience the amazing.

Meet Ashley – a multi-tasking member of the team

This will be my 2nd season working as part of the boat crew with Discovery Marine Safaris. I previously worked as a naturalist for their sister company Stubbs Island Whale Watching. I love being on the water as we never stop learning more about the amazing wildlife to be found along our coastline.
Being able to help people from all around the world share the experience is an added bonus.

When I’m not here I’m working with the Coast Guard – so never far from the water!

Our Education & Conservation advisor

Meet Jackie Hildering – she is a respected and an honoury member of the Discovery Marine Safaris family, training and guiding our naturalists and team in education, research & conservation.

Jackie taught biology and administered international schools in the Netherlands for 14 years and, since returning to BC, has also been the local Department of Fisheries and Oceans Education Coordinator; works as Communications Director for the SOS Marine Conservation Foundation and Community Liaison for the ‘Namgis First Nations Closed Containment Salmon Farm; is president of the local scuba diving club, and educates as “The Marine Detective”.

Recognition of her work includes being the 2010 winner of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Murray A. Newman Award for Excellence in Aquatic Conservation.

Having the privilege of witnessing the return of humpback whales to our area led Jackie to becoming a researcher and co-founding the Marine Education and Research Society.

Jackie was part of the Stubbs Island Whale Watching team from 1999 and has been associated with and advising Discovery Marine Safaris since 2007.

Our team is 100% committed to making every tour count towards education and conservation.
CREWS TIP . . . a word of warning our love, respect and concern for the ocean environment is infectious! Visit our FAQ’s page for more info.