Why Discovery Marine Safaris?

Choosing the tour that’s right for YOU

We understand that choosing the right eco-tour operator to book with is not easy as there are a number of us to choose from. But as a Canadian whale watching adventure or land based grizzly bear tour is for many a once in a lifetime experience it is important to choose the tour company that is right for you. Read our founder story here . . .

To help you determine if our tours meet your needs we have highlighted our core values, that we believe are some of the key components that have contributed to our reputation as one of the leaders in the industry and recognition as a Sustainable Tourism Certified Business.

Discovery Marine Safaris tours are FUN

Our half day Whale Watching & Wildlife Safaris are suitable and fun for all ages. Our full day Grizzly Bear Expeditions for those 10 years and above. The team love where they live and love what they do. The genuine enthusiasm, sense of fun and passion for being out on the water is authentically contagious.

Discovery Marine Safaris tours are EDUCATIONAL

There is a qualified naturalist on every tour to enhance your experience and appreciation of our marine environment. The desire is that at the end of your tour, you take away not only lasting memories but a new understanding and appreciation of this fragile eco-system and the individual whales and other marine and land based mammals that you see.

Education, Research & Conservation

The company aims to make the experience of whale watching count for the sake of education, research and conservation. The combined efforts of Discovery Marine Safaris and their sister company Stubbs Island Whale Watching, include:

Discovery Marine Safaris tours are ETHICAL

Ethics & Sustainability

From the very first season in 2007, the overall approach has been highly respectful of the environment. The goal has always been to ensure your wildlife adventure counts for the good of research and conservation and to ensure that every aspect of the operation is environmentally sustainable.

Closely affiliated with Stubbs Island Whale Watching, BC’s first Whale Watching Company. Discovery Marine Safaris are proudly continuing the legacy of being highly respected as leaders in environmentally responsible whale watching in British Columbia.

Best Practices & Code of Conduct

Discovery Marine Safaris practice and encourage responsible whale & wildlife viewing. The company follows and exceeds the best practices, government and industry guidelines for whale watching and marine wildlife viewing.

Discovery Marine Safaris Captains and naturalists are bound by a Code of Conduct that goes above and beyond the legal requirements and Guidelines for whale watching on our BC coastline. As testimony to our commitment to the protection of whales and other marine mammals we partnered with a fellow tour operator in Campbell River in 2019 to formalize a Whale Watching Code of Conduct that exceeds federal government regulations.

Discovery Marine Safaris tours are SAFE

You are safe in our hands. Our Captains and crew are experienced and trained in all aspects of marine safety and our vessels are certified by Transport Canada. And, all crew members have gone through marine emergency duty training and undergo regular safety drills. The company has implement the required Covid-19 safety protocols to protect our guest and staff and will continue to adhere to government & industry recommendations.

As an early recipient of The World Travel & Tourism Council Safe Travels stamp our guests can be assured that they are safe in our hands.

Discovery Marine Safaris is PROFESSIONAL

The team is friendly and welcoming offering guests a professional experience from the first point of contact.

Our Captains are lifetime professional mariners who have extensive knowlegde of BC’s Coastal waters and are experience in operating vessels around marine wildlife, adhering to guidelines and avoiding disturbance. Their crew are experienced and trained in all aspects of marine safety and our vessels are purpose designd for guests comfort and safety.

Discovery Marine Safaris Captains and naturalists are bound by a Code of Conduct that goes above and beyond the legal requirements and Guidelines for whale watching on our BC coastline. Onboard naturalists have studied biology and receive intensive training in local marine mammal science from our Education and Conservation Advisor Jackie Hildering, Education and Communications Director for the Marine Education and Research Society aka “the marine detective”


While we will always endeavour to accommodate and welcome everyone onboard, there are occasions due to challenges associated with safely boarding and disembarking or marine safety regulations that can unfortunately restrict us from doing so. Please contact our office team who will be able to advise you if we can safely accommodate the needs of all guests in your party.

Great captain, great crew, great tour!

Great captain, great crew, great tour!

We had a great whale watching tour this time – the kind of tour that we have come to expect from this company year after year. we have done bear watching and whale watching tours with this company for years and with one exception which the company corrected immediately, all the tours have been great. The captain inspired confidence and was attentive to his passengers.

Reviewed by: Deb P  Nov 2018

CREWS TIP . . . check that the tour boat, tour length and style of tour meets the needs of everyone in your party. Ask for a total price including taxes and fees, such as online booking fees to avoid any unexpected surprises and last but not least check that you feel comfortable with the companies safety protocols and procedures. Visit our FAQ’s for more info.